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Business Evaluations & Workshops

The Process

Do you have systems in place?

What systems do you have in place? What are your major pain points or weaknesses? How can we streamline administrative work? What areas do you need outside help with?

Getting a fix on your businesses current status and what has worked for you so far will help us to pinpoint what needs our focus.

Sales Systems

How is your pipeline managed? Where is your client information kept and how is it updated?

Social Media systems

How much social media involvement is important to your company? Do you have your social media automated?

Financial systems

How do you receive updates on your business finances? How do receipts and expenses get processed? 


Administrative Systems

What important documents and information do you need and where do you keep it? Are you up to date on your business licenses?

Marketing Systems

How do your customers find you? Is your branding memorable and well displayed?


How do we go about it?

Deep dive

Together we do a thorough analysis of your business as it is. We talk through everything from your business plan to your current business systems. 

Roadmap planning

We discuss ideas and solutions for areas that need improvement and plan a path forward toward your business goals. 

Execute & Monitor

We put systems in place to allow your business to run smoothly and start you on the path to your business goal with check points along the way.

Take our workshop!

Starting a new business?

We have an option for you too!

The Starting a Small Business Workshop will will take you through all of the steps needed to start your own small business. 

From business plans to what you might need to purchase, we cover everything you need to consider before pressing go on your small business. 

This workshop is built to empower you and build your excitement, after all, you’re making your small business dreams come true.  


We want what’s best for your work style

Whether you work best alone or with someone coaching you through a project, we have a package for you. Don’t see something that suits you? Let us know and we’ll see how we can taylor your expierence to fit your needs. 

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