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From the ground up

Optimize Your Business Systems & Efficiency

Adminovator specializes in business efficiency. By putting systems in place to help with the more mundane administrative tasks of running a business, your time is freed up to focus on your clients and products. If your business is running seamlessly in the background, you are able to focus on growth, creation, and whatever it is that made you excited about your business in the first place. 

Together we will evaluate your current systems and update them. Once in place, Adminovator will monitor them, sending monthly reports so you are always aware of the status of your business. 

Business Roadmap

Let’s evaluate your business so we can plan your next steps

Using business best practices and our understanding of business administration, we have built a business evaluation so you can have a full understanding of your business, inside out. We will explore:

  • Your current business plan
  • General business information you need handy
  • Your finances & bookkeeping 
  • Client management 
  • Social media status
  • Systems
  • Business apps
  • Business goals, 3mo. 6mo & year
  • Reports to keep you on target

Not only will this information give you a better picture of your business as a whole, it will also be a resource to anyone you partner with from accountants to assistants. This information is essential to running your business effectively. 

Get on top of it

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Word on the Street

Take it from people who know

Steph Williamson, PCC, ACCC

Christina has given me the gift of time and sanity.  She has handled everything from the nitty gritty in the moment details, to creating new systems and spreadsheets to keep me organized. Having her in my corner allows me to devote time to what I do best: coaching and developing the vision for my business development.

Handing over the reigns to what she does best: systems, structures, spreadsheets, and details to keep things running smooth and growing steadily.

Hiring Christina is still by far the BEST decision I have made for the growth of my business. 

From Our Founder

We want to partner with you!

I started Adminovator as a way to work with the kind of people I find to be super exciting & interesting, small business owners! Small businesses are booming right now, with endless resources and possibilities, and I love being in the business of working with them! To me, small business means innovation, creativity, flexibility, challenge and passion, at least that’s what I’ve put into mine. I love learning about your businesses and partnering with you to realize your goals and how we can get you there. 

There is so much potential for small businesses today and while I am positive we can all succeed on our own, another pair of hands & eyes couldn’t hurt. I want to enable you and your business to focus on what’s most important to you, whether that’s creation, growth, family life or just more freedom. 

I am proud to work with small businesses all over the US and would love to explore what I can do for yours!


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