It is our mission to give you the freedom in your business to create, grow and focus on what is most important while we take care of the rest.  

01. Professional

We work hard to maintain Business Best Practices and to carry those forward to our clients business. We take confidentiality and information safety very seriously. 

02. Honest

Honest and straightforward communication is how we can best serve you. We find that when discussing numbers and strategies there is no point to beating around the bush. 


03. Kind

We still believe that kindness rules and will work hard to make sure you enjoy our partnership as well as find great value in our work together. 

Proven Success

Our strengths

As an administrative professional, I dabble in every aspect of business. If you need help with it, then here I am. That being said, there are definitely a few things I excel at. 

  • Organization Systems
  • Bookkeeping
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Social Media Management

Our founder

Who am I actually?


I founded Adminovator because I realized that I was limiting my impact by taking full-time positions at companies when I could be working with small businesses and building partnerships with entrepreneurs like myself. 

I’m originally from Silicon Valley and began my career in the hustle, bustle and importance of the tech capital of the world. While working with tech startups I realized I had a calling for creating efficient and effective work environments tailored to the company’s work style. I was able to put this into practice when I became a founding member of a software startup and got to design the administrative practices from the ground up.

I thought that was enlightening! Now having started my own business, I feel like I’ve taken market research to a whole new level. Being a small business working for small businesses, I thoroughly enjoy the give take relationship I have with my clients. There is no end to the learning I get to do.

Christina Shaver


I’m Christina, the one you’ll be working with! 

I love learning and have spent my life seeking new skills and experiences.  I’m currently learning the Ukulele! 

I live and work in Eugene, Oregon with my new husband and our sweet Australian Shepherd, Zorra.  I’m originally from California and have lived in Seattle and Viterbo, Italy. 

I have travelled the world, often solo, and will never stop! My most recent overseas trip was Feb 2019 to Morocco where I visited 3 beautiful cities, ate to my hearts delight and proved that Morocco can be traveled safely by a solo female traveler! I had the time of my life and hope to go back. 

 I love traveling, baking, spreadsheets, waterfalls, poetry, organizing, singing and dancing! 



Things we care about

Organization is freedom

You won’t feel like you are in control until you are organized. Let’s get you there! 

Carbon Footprint Conscious

Let’s discuss ways that we can take a green approach to your office and business

Two pairs of eyes

With plenty of communication we will be a team that gets your business to the level of efficiency it deserves


Memberships & Certificates

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